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29 December 2011

love story ~

heyyo assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarokatuh ;)
dah lama tak update en en ? bateri charger rosak :|
tu tak dapat nak on tu . sambil layan lagu avenged sevenfold ,
kite nak post story pasal love story ^^

sila lahh rajin cuci mata di malam hari yep.sorry kalau ado grammar salah .
kite tak pro lagi, haha
ohh yeahh , y kite dah tak boley follow orang eh ? sape tau ?

episode 1

one starry night , tintin a young teenager girl was pondering something in her room.
sometimes, she looked at her phone which was tightly in her right grip. she had waited her lover ,
kemek for messaging her since two weeks ago.
she really really missed him very much.
she started to worry about their relationship.

all bad thought had bothered her. sometimes , she cried when thought about it.
she tried to think kemek was busying with his SPM therefore he cannot text her but it was hard to accept it.
her sister , michi always said kemek had betrayed her and go to other girls.
she sad to hear but it might be.

"arghhh !! what a miserable thing ! i am going to be crazy to think bout this "
she cried. she wont be strong until one day all this riddle was answered.
apparently , kemek had betrayed her.
kemek was in love with tintin but in the same time , he betrayed her.
tintin was very sad . she cannot do anything except cry cry and cry .
she tired of it .
it became worse when he asked for ending up their relation'boat'.

tintin felt like she was rolling away from the earth.
she tried to persuade him for saving their relation'boat' that were going to 'karam'
tintin's heart broke into thousands pieces .

since nightmare ,she just immured herself in her room.
her sister started to worry about her but she cant do anything because rice
was be porridge .

one day , she met ketepek . . . .

will be continued :D